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Are Employers Calling You "Overqualified" Behind Your Back?

"Overqualified" can be a Secret Employer Code for:

  • "Legal" Age Discrimination. It may not really be legal but what can you do?
  • Your Salary History. Your previous salary was higher than what they are offering. This is a concern for the prospective employer because they think you will leave for a better job as soon as possible.
  • "Too Experienced." You are perceived as having too much experience so they think you will get bored and quit.
  • "Not a Good Fit." These are haunting words when you know you really are well suited for the job. 

Now that you know the Secret Code is it possible you being called "Overqualified?"



After the LIVE TeleSeminar I asked those who participated to give me feedback via a website survey. Each participant was able to respond without letting me know their identity. I did this to get honest feedback. Here are three responses:

Jay, GREAT TELESEMINAR TODAY!!! Your topic was very pertinent to job seekers and the agenda was well-organized. The strategies for handling this important topic were excellent. I took copious notes that will help me some serious firepower the next time a hiring manager says, "You're overqualified for this job and will be bored in a year" (actual remarks from a VP to me during a recent interview).

TeleSeminar participant #38 

The clarity and structured organization of your talk was great. I thought that you had a good feel of the problem as you approached it from a new angle and provided many tips which I can put to use immediately.

TeleSeminar participant #21

Dear Jay: The effort you put forth is fantastic and to say the least very appreciated. Sadly, even at 46, I have no doubt that I was passed up because of my age/experience for at least two positions. The TeleSeminar will keep me on track and that alone had value. We must accept that companies do discriminate. The greatest thing I took from the call was how uplifting it was.

TeleSeminar participant #2


Jay Litton

To: Professional Job Seekers who are Perceived as being "Overqualified."

Date: Friday 3:10 pm
Re: TeleSeminar: How to Overcome Being Called "Overqualified"

It was the most power packed conference call I could have imagined!

As many of you know, I just finished my first TeleSeminar on being called "overqualified." It was fantastic! The information brought to everyone on the call was really right on target.

We even had a special question and answer session which confirmed how important this topic was to everyone. We finally had to close the session but only after we had finished a full 58 minutes of strategies and discussion on just this one topic!

Don't Feel Bad If You Missed It -
I Recorded The Whole Event!

Every single minute of this JOB-GENERATING event was recorded on Audio CD. I called this event: "How to Overcome Being Called "Overqualified." For short, I call it my "Overqualified" Audio CD. Even if you weren't there, you can still experience the entire TeleSeminar right from your very own home or car.

You will feel like you were right there, LIVE. 

What Gives Me the Authority to Be an Expert on This Issue?

Back in 1997 I created the wwWoW!(tm) Interview System to teach job seekers how to win job offers after successfully trying it myself. Since then, I have helped countless thousands of job seekers through speaking and writing. I have also personally trained hundreds of professionals through my workshops and coaching services to help them generate job offers. This topic of being called "Overqualified" was just the logical next step!

I have over 14 years professional sales management experience which is now available to help you. I find that NOT having a Human Resource background or a degree in psychology is far more relevant in helping job seekers! My experience comes from being in face-to-face sales, being a hiring manager and most importantly from working in the trenches in sales management.

I believe that the successful job search is actually selling! Most people seem to agree with me but who is teaching job seekers how to sell today? Unfortunately, most people who teach interview training have no professional selling experience! My question to you is: Would you want to learn selling from someone who has never sold professionally? 

Again, I believe: The Job Interview is all about Selling Yourself! Most successful sales professionals are too busy selling their products and services to take the time to help job seekers, like you, learn how to sell themselves. I am very unique in the career services industry. I am a sales professional who is eager to teach you sales methodologies that work (not stale decades old human resource methods) that when applied to the job search will help you generate real job offers.

Check Us Out!

You also need to know that we are real people who answer our phones. We don't hide behind our website. We operate our business in Roswell, GA. Our phone number is 678-358-8050.  You can email us directly at

Why this topic?

Just before Labor Day, I professionally recorded this live TeleSeminar with almost 100 previously "overqualified" job seekers. Why? because I surveyed my 1300 e-Zine subscribers and asked them what was concerning them the most. The results? Over 31% said it was age discrimination, being called "overqualified" or that their previous salary that was keeping them from winning job offers. They also told me that they did not know where to turn for any solutions.

What You Will Learn on This Valuable Audio CD

1. How to recognize HINTS during an interview that may indicate they think you are "overqualified."

2. What to do when you recognize these hints.

3. Specific scripts that can make you honestly appear qualified instead of overqualified.

4. A step-by-step checklist to transform your "overqualified status" into a value-added advantage.

5. Learn about a real-life example of an "overqualified job seeker" who wanted the job and got it!

6. Learn cover letter tips that preempt the overqualified objection and keeps your resume from going in the trash.

7. Discover how to discuss your salary history so it doesn't hurt you.

Here's a Sample Strategy Lesson from
my "Overqualifed" Audio CD 

The term "overqualified" is an objection that you MUST overcome! 

Did you know professional sales people have to overcome objections every time they sell to someone? When a prospect tells them the price is too high, what do they do? They deal with it. They eliminate it so it never becomes an objection again. You must do the same.

If you are dealing with age discrimination, salary history or being called "overqualified" you are no different from a salesperson dealing with a high price objection from a prospect. You need the tools, lessons, scripts and strategies to overcome this objection. I will share these secrets with you on the "Overqualified" CD.

Here is some MORE FEEDBACK from the participants on the Live "Overqualified" TeleSeminar

Jay, I hadn't thought that I necessarily had this problem but in listening I realized that perhaps the objections I had encountered were related to this issue. Your solutions were right on target! I think you were succinct, organized and the format was great! The examples were realistic and easily followed. It was obvious that you had done a lot of preparation for this and I for one will benefit! Thank you so much.

TeleSeminar participant #39

Your perspective on what hiring managers are concerned about when they interview was very valuable to me. 

TeleSeminar participant #31

Jay, good information, strategies, checklists, scripts. All were focused on the topic and thought provoking. Definitely generated some ideas and ways to improve my presentation skills. Good summary at the end and good control of the questions and answers.

TeleSeminar participant #30

Without this information you will be frustrated 

by these two HUGE Problems:

1. You will spend countless hours preparing, driving to, attending and driving back from a single interview only to be told that "you are not a good fit." This hassle is emotionally draining, too. Good interviews are hard to get...why waste any of them?

2. Let's say your previous salary was higher than what they are offering you. However, you tell your prospective employer that you will work for their proposed salary.  Unfortunately, they don't take you seriously. They are afraid that you will leave them once you find a better job. How can you convince them otherwise?

Now Picture This...
You go on your next interview. You pick up telltale clues that they think you may not be a good fit. This time you don't roll over you take command and turn the situation around. You now have the ability to leverage yourself and win the second interview...if not the job itself. You feel great about your new "selling" skills.

Amazing Survey Results from TeleSeminar Participants

Over 77% of those who responded to my website survey AFTER the Live "Overqualified" TeleSeminar gave it the highest ranking of 4 out of 4! The rest gave it a 3 out of 4 ranking! This is a remarkable testimony to the quality of this program. Don't let "you are not a fit" stop you anymore. 

58 Minutes of Power-Packed Content Can Be Yours!

Hey, I thought about you! I realize that not everyone knew about this event. You had to be one of my special 1300 subscribers to be asked to participate. Even then, I limited participation to just the first 100 to sign-up to keep the question and answer time more effective.

I have put together 2 Special Packages for You to Choose From:



This entire TeleSeminar has been professionally duplicated on an Audio CD so you can listen anytime you want in your car or while you are on your computer. Study the strategies over and over again until you feel you have gotten it right. You get all these exciting techniques in this one powerful CD. I've created special pricing for limited time to introduce you to our services.

58 minutes on Audio CD - Regular Price $34.00
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REPORT # 1 - How to use the back of your business card at networking events to get people to help you..

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Let me personally work with you via 21 days of unlimited email coaching to answer your questions on being called "Overqualified." First, listen to my entire TeleSeminar on the Audio CD as many times as you like. Then when you are ready, email me your overqualified questions. I will answer them all. 

This email coaching service is a incredible bargain to you! My coaching services typically start at $175.00 per hour. I feel these 21 days of unlimited email coaching is more than enough time to get you on track without you spending a fortune. The 21 day email coaching service will not start until after I receive your first email with specific coaching questions.

SPECIAL BONUS When Your Order the DELUXE Package - When you decide to order the Deluxe Package, I will also give you two additional reports created for a total of three jam-packed reports. These one to two page "white paper reports" were written exclusively for my LittonGroup e-Zine subscribers. You will learn:

1. REPORT # 1 - How to use the back of your business card at networking events to get people to help you.

2. REPORT # 2 - How to use email (without spamming) to get job leads.

3. REPORT # 3 - How to get people to call you back when leaving a voice mail.

Includes "OVERQUALIFIED" AUDIO CD and 21 day unlimited email coaching on How to Overcome Being Called "Overqualified."

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Now, let's stop this "overqualified" talk once and for all.

Go wow'em!

P.S. Just to recap this incredible offer, you get 58 minutes of strategies, tips and tools, and a ready-to-go scripts to help you overcome objections from employers on "not fitting in." I will also provide you a no risk, money back guarantee for your Audio CD, and best of all - you can't find this information anywhere else.  All for $24.00 plus shipping and handling if you invest now for the Audio CD #1. Just email us at

P. P. S. Remember, the DELUXE PACKAGE is worth many times the price, but the benefit to you is the opportunity to get personal one-on-one email coaching directly from me. I look forward to personally responding to your "overqualified" questions so you can get the job you want . The email coaching will last 21 days and you will not be limited as to how many questions you can ask on this topic. Only $97.00. Invest now for Deluxe Package of the Audio CD and the 21-day Coaching #2. Just email us at

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